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What our students say about us

Mende's Dance Studio has been in business for over 30 years. Our students are like members of a family, brought together by their common love for dancing, learning, and having fun. Below are messages from some of our students about their experiences at Mende's. If you are currently a student at Mende's, or have been one in the past and would like to submit a testimonial for others to read click here.

"Even Though I am not a student yet, I would love to be. Mende's is such a wonderful place that feels like a second family to me. They make me feel so comfortable and welcome, its not competitive and everyone there is SOO nice. I love it and I can't wait until I am a student." -Danielle

"Dancing gives me a unique happiness that I can't find elsewhere and it's as much a part of me as walking, talking, and laughing. What makes Mende's stand out from other studios and dance clubs? Definitely, definitely, definitely the atmosphere. You'll never find a more pleasant gathering of the most kind-hearted, joyful people. Everyone goes to Mende's to dance and have fun." -Kristin, student since 2007.

"The 3 years that I went to the children's class at Mende's was awesome! I learned the dances and almost all the steps and I made a lot of friends! I love dancing and this was a great place for me to dance. Eleni, Johnnie, Mende and the other teachers really helped me a lot in learning how to dance. The recitals were A LOT of fun. Now that I am no longer able to come to the classes, I visit as much as I can. I'm going to visit again sometime soon!" -Elizabeth, student since 2005.

"Mende's is a warm and welcoming studio and that's very nice. But, in dance, instruction is everything. The staff at Mende's is quite wonderful, especially Kyle, my instructor, who not only knows his stuff but teaches it with kindness, patience, attentiveness and encouragement. And so, when I'm a bit slow to learn, or when I step all over his feet he doesn't run screaming. How glad I am for that!! -Judith, student since 2006.

"I find that taking lessons at Mende's Studio is the most effective way of satisfying my urge to express myself artistically and physically. Dancing is the best way to exercise myself physically and to keep myself mentally and physically fit. Having taken dance lessons in the New York area, Florida, Iraq (in the Army) and Germany, I believe Mende's Studio is the best studio in which to learn ballroom dancing!" -Sal, student since 2006.

"Mende's dance studio is amazing. I went there to do something different and am now addicted to dancing. Eleni, Johnnie, Kane and all the others have been so wonderful and kind. I've learned so much since I've been there. When your there you feel so welcomed, it really lets you open up to the music. As I become more advanced I hope to eventually become a part-time teacher there. Thank you so much Mende's Dance Studio! :)" -Nicole

"My husband and I have been students at Mende's since year 2000. We immediately felt the warm welcoming atmosphere that Mende and the teachers provide. So, six years later we are still taking lessons and enjoying the friendships, health benefits, and the ability to go on a cruise and dance the night away. Whether you are a single or a couple you will enjoy this studio. Join us at our next dance party. You will be hooked!!!!!!!" -Joanne and Joe, students since 2000.

"Many things make Mende's Studio stand out from other studios: the group class exercise, the smooth and stylish moves, the friendly atmosphere, fun helpful instructors, and good music.

My life was spent constantly working and taking care of my business; work days were a stretch of long boring hectic hours, until I joined Mende's in 1993. The moment I stepped into the studio, I had a peaceful, comfortable feeling. I really enjoyed my first lesson. The studio quickly became my favorite place to relax and spend time.

My best experience at Mende's was meeting my wife Tessie. Our dates were always on Wednesdays during the group class, because my work schedule didn't permit me to socialize a lot. My passion for dancing had just begun to grow, and it led me to a career change. A few years after we were married, I sold the business and took an office job in order to have more time for pursuing my passion for dancing.

Mende's Studio has been and will always be the best part of my life. I have met great, fun, loving friends that share the same interests; and I'm sure we will be dancing through our golden years! I miss all of my deceased friends from the studio: Ben, Charlotte, Henry, Francesa, and Mary Jane. I also miss my retired teacher Peter, who I think of often. I want to thank Mende for being a great coach and always showing love and care to all the students. His coaching makes me understand the qualities of dancing. These past 13 years spent at the studio have been the best thing that ever happened to me. My life now is sweet, happy, and filled with wonderful friends." -Kane, student since 1993.

"We have both become quite addicted to Mende's Dance Studio. Eleni, our instructor is wonderful and very patient. Eleni teaches with perfection and we enjoy our lesson with her each week. Mende and the rest of the staff make us feel at home each time we visit the studio. Dancing has become a part of our lives thanks to Eleni and Mende and the staff at Mende's Dance Studio." -Michele and Mike

"Mende's Dance Studio gives you the opportunity and the tools to succeed in whatever your dance dreams and goals are. The studio has a very comfortable atmosphere and makes people feel at ease. It exemplifies what dancing is really about." -Anonymous, student since 1998.

"Approximately thirteen years ago, I was looking for a way to exercise that I could enjoy and I was fortunate enough to find Mende Dance Studio. Not only have I enjoyed the benefits of exercise since then, but I have been rewarded with close friendships and learned dance skills that will be with me forever. I particularly like the social events and parties held regularly, and performing on such occasions help me sharpen my skills. The studio always has a positive atmosphere and has helped in keeping me energized. I call it a great way to DE-STRESS." -Aida, student since 1993.

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