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Wedding Dance & Special Occasions

For over thirty years our professional staff has provided nervous couples, excited teenagers, happy parents, and many others with the confidence and the polished look that they required for their special day. Our qualified instructors have helped both beginners and experienced dancers achieve the skill, elegance, and style that has dazzled their guests and made their event unforgettable.

We choreograph routines for every special occasion for both couples and groups! Wedding, Sweet 16, Sweet 15, Debutant Ball, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Anniversary Party, Birthday Party, Film, Audition, and Prom.

Wedding choreography is our specialty! Whether it's a seductive Tango, an innocent Waltz, or another dance that is dear to your heart, our staff is expertly trained in assisting couples with their first dance as husband and wife. Let us help you make your first dance together magical! We gladly work around your schedule and can choreograph an entire routine for you or teach you a few basic steps that will make you look like you've been dancing together for your whole life! We can even help you pick a dance and song that will compliment your style and ability.

Types of Wedding Choreography: Bride and Groom, Father and Daughter, Mother and Son, Bridal Party, Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, General Dancing and Entrances.

Many People ask "How long do I need to dedicate to dance lessons, so that I won't look silly in front of my guests?" The answer is simple: We understand that time is an issue, and gladly provide flexible scheduling and offer reasonable rates. Ideally about 3-4 months is perfect. For those that have more time, we recommend that you attend a few group classes before your private lessons so that you and your partner can get a feel for music, rhythm and coordination.

Let us provide you with a tailor made lesson plan.
For a FREE consultation please call: (718) 478-5910.

Want something extra special for the guests at your party? Give them a dance lesson or show. Hire one of our professional dancers to perform a dance or teach a dance lesson at your special event.

Give the gift of dance! Consider a gift certificate for someone's special occasion. Dance lessons make wonderful gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day and Wedding.

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